10 Best Shaving Creams for Wet Electric Shavers

Shaving Creams for Wet Electric ShaversA wet electric shaver may be a convenient tool by allowing you to shave quickly, it also requires you to choose your shaving cream more carefully. Unlike regular razors, electric models can be clogged up if the cream becomes too thick. On top of that, thick shaving cream can get into delicate parts of an electric shaver and break them down.

It’d be a shame if your expensive shaver stops working just because you use the wrong cream. To avoid that, have a look at the best shaving creams for wet electric shavers below. They will make your shaving experience more enjoyable while avoiding razor burn and clogging up.

Best Shaving Creams for Wet Electric Shavers

Vikings Blade Luxury Foaming Shaving Cream

Vikings Blade is one of those companies that can make an amazing shaving cream that comes in a handy size. Each tub like that contains 5.3oz of cream, but the tub itself is 7oz, providing plenty of oversized space for the cream to expand and contract upon temperature changes.

There are 4 scents available: Sandalwood Cedar, New York 6 AM, Langham Spa, and Sandalwood Cedar. All of them are great and what works best is totally up to your personal preference. This foaming cream should be used with a bowl and a brush so you can get the best lather on your face. It’s quite thick so you should not apply too much with a wet electric shaver. Use a lot of water so the Vikings Blade cream can create a thin, foamy layer.

People with coarse facial hair and sensitive skin will love this shaving cream. Unlike other products that may leave you with very dry skin, it lubricates and prevents the razor from scratch your face. It still foams, but this lather will eventually evaporate when you mix it up with a brush. While some of the foam remains, Vikings Blade shaving cream leaves only a slick and almost oily substance.

Old Bond Street Sandalwood Shaving Cream Bowl

Wet electric shavers or not, you can never go wrong with the infamous product from Taylor of Old Bond Street. This shaving cream produces a deep layer of moisture on your face, which is also available in a lavender or coconut fragrance in addition to the sandalwood option. Even if you own a traditional shaver for deep shaving, this cream will work perfectly too. You can create a layer as thin as you want.

It also comes in a 5.3oz tube like many other products. You only need a minimal amount of cream for each use while the fragrance is very strong. Even when you have sensitive skin, this heavy fragrance will be still okay to use with no reaction. It will create the skin of your face nicely while leaving a close shave. However, the Taylor of Old Bond Street cream is more expensive than similar products, and washing it off might be a challenge.

Pacific Shaving Company Natural Shave Cream

Most cheap canned shaving creams on the market contain plenty of synthetic ingredients, which are not the best choice to maintain healthy skin. With this cream from Pacific Shaving, you don’t need to worry about such harmful components. It’s one of the most natural products out there that can reduce the likelihood of razor burn.

If you are an environmentally conscious consumer and are looking for eco-friendly shaving cream, this is your best bet. The product is created from a vegan formula and Pacific Shaving doesn’t test in on animals.

Despite this unconventional approach, the cream still does a great job. It can keep your skin hydrated even with a simple application. Just a small amount can go a long way to protect your skin and make it feel much nicer.

C.O. Bigelow Premium Shave Cream for Men

C.O. Bigelow has managed to create a shaving cream that can produce a creamy but not too thick lather. It’s suitable for all kinds of skin and electric shavers so you can have a close cut easily with it.

This shaving cream will leave you feeling fresh by reducing irritation, mainly thanks to its cooling ability. It doesn’t just cool your skin but also cleanse and hydrate it to give you the best possible feeling.

Unlike a lot of other products, you don’t need a brush with the C.O. Bigelow cream. You can just apply it with your hand – a godsend if you need a quick shave. It still creates great lather with a slight tingling sensation that doesn’t feel overboard. The only issue with it is the packaging of the tube, which doesn’t feel “premium” at all.

MARLOWE. Shave Cream

This MARLOWE. shaving cream will leave your skin at a good level of conditioning, partly owing to the citrus and aloe contained in it. If you care about animal testing in manufacturing, you will be pleased to know that this product is created with a non-animal test policy.

The cream comes in a large 6oz tube for easier use. You can quickly get the right amount of cream from this tube for your wet electric shaver. It creates smooth and white lather, which is essential for many people who shave in a less-than-ideal lighting condition. It’s easy to rinse off the cream entirely and doesn’t feel dry or tight after that. The lubrication provided by the foam is also ample for most kinds of razors used by wet electric shavers.

Harry’s Shaving Cream

Because electric shavers don’t consist of regular blades like traditional models, it’s harder for most people to glide them across their skin. You can easily solve this issue with a product like Harry’s shaving cream, which prevents electric shavers from clogging up and allows for easy movement over your face.

Harry’s doesn’t use a simple formula with a single oil. Instead, the brand uses a combination of 12 oils and extracts to achieve an irritation-free shaving ability. Compared to dry shaving, it’s a night and day difference.

If the shaving cream is too thick, it can backfire and create a physical barrier between the skin and razor, restricting rather than aiding the shaving process. But Harry’s cream sits close to the skin and makes shaving more enjoyable. Just remember that it doesn’t have the smell you might want. The cream still delivers an okay smell, but you may still need an aftershave if you prefer a strong fragrance.

Rocky Mountain Barber Company Shaving Cream

If the ingredients of shaving cream are one of your top concerns, you’ll love this high-quality product from Rocky Mountain. Made of entirely natural ingredients, this cream is very kind to the skin and brings a fresh feel for all skin types, even if you have sensitive skin. This is the result of the low level of irritation the Rocky Mountain shaving cream has. If regular products make your face a bit sore after a dry shave, then this 5oz tub of hydrating lather will be an ideal choice.

The Rocky Mountain cream has a sandalwood scent, leaving your skin a manly smell afterward. It appeals even before users remove the lid. The tub is full of thick white cream, making the exquisite scent spill out of the tin. You can lather up on your face with a brush with no bowl whisking. A medium lather may be the best choice as it does the job without getting too thick and preventing you from seeing you’re shaving.

It lubricates so well that users can shave smoothly even with straight razors. You may notice some face freeze effect if you leave this cream on your skin for an extended time. This is probably because of the menthol in the ingredients of the Rocky Mountain shaving cream, but this feeling will vanish quickly as soon as you rinse.

Bevel Shave Cream

You will appreciate this shaving cream if you have sensitive skin that suffers from dry shaving. The Bevel cream offers a great level of moisture, allowing you to shave comfortably even at the speed of a wet electric shaver. This is another product that provides a rich lather, so you may not want a too thick layer.

The bottle is quite small at only 2oz, but it’s stylish and a great portable option for travel. The Bevel cream even consists of vitamin E for an even skin tone. It will help you eliminate any issue related to razor burn or folliculitis. If you suffer from adult acne and can’t shave because of it, try this.

The Art of Shaving Unscented Shaving Cream for Men

Many men don’t like electric shavers mainly because they can’t do a close shave. But with this cream from The Art of Shaving, you will have an amazing lather to shave comfortably even with a wet electric shaver.

A brush will make applying the lather easier, but using your fingers is possible as well. Just a small amount is enough, meaning this 5oz tub will last for a long time. It allows your wet electric shaver to move through easily with any degree of closeness you prefer. The movements are smooth without any clogs while providing some level of protection as well.

It’s thick enough to prevent razor burn but also light enough to allow you to do single wipes with your straight razor. The cream also comes off the razor completely with just some shakes in the water. This should not be overlooked as many shaving creams are hard to wipe off and stain your blade afterward. On the other hand, many are too light and force you to use a big amount of cream to lather up.

Cremo Barber Grade Cooling Shave Cream

When you shave with a wet electric shaver, the cream should neither clog up the shaver nor provide too much resistance. In these key aspects, this barber-grade cream from Cremo both lives up to our expectations.

On top of the amazing ability to cool your skin, it also produces some pleasant scents like sandalwood or sage & citrus. If you prefer an unscented cream, there is also the original option. All of them help the shaver glide over your skin, allowing for a closer shave and smoother finish compared to dry shaving. From start to finish, you will feel refreshed without any irritation.

How To Choose A Shaving Cream For Wet Electric Shavers


With an electric shaver, it’s natural that you don’t want a cream to produce too thick lather. It’d be better if you can add some water to create a thin and foamy layer. Too much lather can backfire badly as it blocks the razor and smear cream all over your face instead.


There is more than one way to apply shaving cream to your skin. Different people prefer different methods, so make sure to know the cream you’re buying can be used in the way you like. Most just need your hands to apply, which is also the quickest process. But others may need a brush to get the best result.


Likewise, some men love to have a pleasant scent in their shaving cream while others strictly use unscented products. Most of the products above give off a manly smell, such as sandalwood fragrance. But some of them are also available in unscented options, making them a great choice for those with too sensitive skin.

Final Words

The best shaving creams for wet electric shavers above will satisfy even the strictest requirements for shaving. Available in various sizes and formulas, they all work great with facial skin to make sure you won’t end up with razor burn or clogging up in your shaver.