What is the Best Natural Beard Shampoo

Natural Beard ShampooBeards are one of the most exposed parts in men’s bodies to external factors, but they seem to receive an insufficient amount of care. The fundamental element to proper beard care includes using a dedicated beard shampoo that does not bring any side effects, like itchiness or flakes.

And in most cases, people are in favor of natural beard shampoo. Because of the thickness of beard hair, you should not use regular shampoo for this part as well.

Let’s examine with us some examples of the best natural beard shampoo on the market now!

What is the Best Natural Beard Shampoo?

Professor Fuzzworthy’s Beard Shampoo

One of the best natural beard shampoos men should pay attention to is Professor Fuzzworthy’s, which comprises various natural components, like coconut oil, olive oil, or castor oil. More interestingly, the manufacturer even claims that their product includes Mount Wellington spring water, which will make your beard soft and clean.

In addition, the mixture of ingredients in this product is carefully formulated. Therefore, it is very useful to remove dirt and pollutants from your beard.

You are also happy to know that it does not include any nasty chemicals, like parabens, colorants, SLS, or synthetic fragrances.

Even though the price of this shampoo is a little higher than that of other models, it seems to be fair when you can take care of your beard properly. It also has such convenient block form to help you carry easily when you travel.

Last but not least, this shampoo is manufactured in Australia, which means that it has to adhere to many strict requirements. So, you can totally count on it for natural beard shampoo.


  • Quality ingredients
  • No nasty chemicals
  • Contribute to good-looking and comfortable beard


  • A bit higher price
  • Small package

Billy Jealousy Beard Shampoo

If your beard is color-treated, you should think of Billy Jealousy Beard Shampoo as the best option for you. It is sulfate-free and will not eliminate any dye no matter how many times you use the shampoo.

But men with color treated beards are not the only suitable customer. Other men with a short or long beards can take it into serious consideration for many reasons.

It is a natural beard shampoo without parabens. In fact, it comprises many great ingredients, such as aloe vera, soy protein, or green tea. Aloe vera has a significant influence on building volume for thin beard as well as hydrating facial hair greatly.

On the other hand, soy protein has conditioning effects on your beard. It can help you combat split end or breakage effectively.

What are its drawbacks? We found out that it has chemical fragrances. Besides, the price is also higher than most other products on the market.


  • Sulfate free
  • Great formula with hydrating and conditioning properties
  • Light woodsy odor


  • Quite expensive
  • Chemical fragrances

Honest for Men Beard Wash

Thanks to its excellent balance of performance and ingredients, Honest for Men is one of the best beard shampoos we would like to introduce. Like other beard washes, it does not have any harmful ingredients like parabens or SLS.

As a result, you will not feel any damage to follicles. Instead, it has gentle cleansing effects on your beards.

In addition, the addition of some essential oils, such as orange or lavender, will make the beard better looking. At the same time, a number of men claim that they found the scent quite strong the first time of using it.

The price of this wash is fairly reasonable. It is much more affordable than most other products on the list. So, if you are much concerned about the cost, Honest for Men is a great investment for budget and performance.


  • Very reasonable price
  • Include essential oils
  • Natural ingredients


  • Too strong scent

Zeus Beard Shampoo and Wash

Many men are worried about choosing natural beard shampoo because their skin is very sensitive. If you have the same concern, do not skip this product – Zeus shampoo and wash! It is a perfect combination of antioxidant properties from green tea, chamomile, and dragon’s blood.

Apparently, it is not the blood of real dragons. It refers to a tree-based ingredient that prevents any inflammation and irritation to your skin. Combing with green tea and chamomile, dragon’s blood will remove itchiness and dandruff effectively.

Once you use this product several times, you will find your beard cleaner and softer. Moreover, it even smells better and fresh because of verbena lime scent.

The only disadvantage of this shampoo is that many users complained about dry beards after using the product. So, you may need a special step to moisturize your beard.


  • Get rid of dandruff and itchiness
  • Natural components
  • A perfect option for sensitive skin


  • Cause dry beard
  • No lathering

Beard Wash by Mountaineer Brand

As a result of using Beard Wash by Mountaineer Brand, you will get soft, clean, and tangle-free beard. It does not consist of heavy scents, so you will be comfortable with its light scent.

All ingredients in the shampoo are organic and natural, which is an advantage for vegans. You will benefit most from organic soap, followed by a combination of various essential oils.

In addition to hydrating your facial hair, the shampoo also helps remove flakes and itchiness, although the price is very reasonable.

What we are not satisfied with this product is that it seems to have a watery consistency, which makes many users dislike it. Besides, dry beard is also a problem when it comes to using this wash too often.


  • Lightweight
  • All ingredients are natural and organic
  • Light scent


  • Watery consistency
  • Lead to dry beard

How to Select Natural Beard Shampoo

In case you are serious about taking care of your beard, it is time to learn a comprehensive guide on selecting the best beard shampoo. Normally, natural beard shampoo is the best option to avoid any adverse effects, but there are still numerous factors to consider.


It is absolutely worth investing much time in finding out what you are going to apply on the skin or hair. Each ingredient of the shampoo can have significant effects on the final results to make your beard either well-groomed or itchy.

The recommendation is to go for natural beard shampoo ingredients as follow:

  • Carrier Oils: serving as a conditioning component, carrier oils can soften the beard hair as well as eliminate itchiness. Here are some examples of carrier oils you should find in the beard washes, such as olive oil, argan, or jojoba.
  • Essential Oils: These oils are essential because of their scent and therapeutic properties.
  • Vitamins: Vitamin E and B12 (or known as Biotin) are among the most common vitamins we can find in beard shampoos. Biotin is responsible for growing beard, which is important for men who like the longer and thicker beards. Meanwhile, vitamin E can help strengthen the beard. Both of them contribute to a better-looking beard.
  • Parabens/Chemicals: These ingredients are popular in a variety of beard washes, from economical to high-end products. However, if you are interested in natural beard shampoo, the recommendation is to research the products carefully and avoid these chemicals as much as possible. They can have many side effects on your skin and hair in the long term.


Another essential factor that many people care about is the scent. Odor can have significant effects on the impression you make on others; therefore, it is recommended to avoid overwhelming scents to the fullest extent. Instead, you should find a natural mild odor, which helps your beard become fresh.

Beard shampoos usually contain essential oils which tend to be quite strong at first but will disperse after a short while. They are also safe for most skin types, even though some people can have sensitive skin and need to be more careful when using them.

Chemical scents are absolutely not recommended. They are generally strong and last for a long time. In addition, they are more dangerous in case your skin is extremely sensitive.


The way you are going to utilize the beard shampoo has a direct influence on your purchasing decision. It is an essential factor for your comfort. You should consider where and when you will apply your beard shampoo first.

For example, many people choose to clean the beard in the morning before their hectic day. In this case, a shampoo which is easy to use should be a great option. It needs to lather quickly and the work completes within several seconds.

On the other hand, if your time bank is generous, you can choose a shampoo and conditioner to make sure that your beard gets proper care.

Additional Benefits

Grooming products usually come with limitations. Some are designed to provide shampoo, while others can go with conditioner and growth benefits. Even though we know that specialized products are usually more effective, we want to introduce several additional benefits you may find to maximize what you get from a product.

  • Growth: Many beard shampoos contain vitamins which are associated with hair growth, namely Biotin, or other natural components, like peppermint or saw palmetto. All of them contribute to a fuller and thicker beard.
  • Color Treated Beards: In case your beard is treated color, you should be careful when it comes to using beard wash. You do not want the shampoo to change the dye color of your beard, do you? The ingredients you need to avoid are sodium lauryl sulfate and sodium laureth sulfate, which remove any dye and make your beard color treated earlier.
  • Acne: Many men struggle with the booming of acne under their beards. Therefore, a beard wash which can combat the acne can be a great option to help them overcome such challenge. In addition, these washes usually relieve itchiness and help balance the oil release of your skin.


If your preference is high-quality shampoo, you should go for some reliable brands which have a great reputation on the market. They usually have better controls over their products. This is particularly important for those with sensitive skin.


Last but not least, the price has a big say over people’s decision when it comes to buying anything. Normally, high-quality shampoos will come at the price of between $15 and $20. Nevertheless, these figures are for reference, and you do not need to stick to them all the time because some great products can be above or below such ranges. It is important to consider all the above-mentioned factors and come with a suitable option for your budget.


How often should you wash your beard?

The answer is dependent on each individual. Oilier beard usually requires 5 times per week, while drier beards have less frequency. Your occupation also has a significant impact on it. For people who do physical and outdoor jobs, dirt and other substances will build up more in their beards, which results in more regular maintenance.

Is beard shampoo different from hair shampoo?

Some shampoos for head hair are extremely drying. As a result, it might cause one of the most serious problems for your hair – dryness. Dry scalp is serious, but dry chin is much more alarming.

Hair shampoos may include some chemicals which remove natural oils in your beard and lead to dry and brittle hair and skin.

On the other hand, beard shampoo is designed for your beard, so instead of damaging your skin, it adds more natural oils as well as other anti-inflammatory components.

Final Verdict

Getting a suitable natural beard shampoo is a challenging task, but we have tried our best to deliver to you the list of top 5 out of the best. There are many excellent options out there and do not take our comprehensive buying guide before heading to the market so that you can save more time and money.

Let’s share your experience of taking care of your beard with us today!