Best Grooming Kit for Men in 2021

Grooming Kit for MenBody hair is something all of us are dealing with, but men tend to ignore the significant of looking after it. Fortunately, in recent years, it has been increasingly common to see men pay more attention to hair and beard care, leading to the birth of thousands of grooming products.

Why do you have to waste so much time on choosing each kind of products, while there is the ultimate solution – a grooming kit with many different products at one time? Let’s take a look at the best grooming kit for men in our article and you will find the right answer for you!

What is the Best Grooming Kit for Men?

Viking Revolution Luxury Safety Razor Shaving Kit

The Viking Revolution Luxury is undeniably the best grooming kit for men who are interested in supercharging their shaving experience and giving them the ultimate products. It is suitable for those who need better experience without using a straight razor.

The pack offers a safety razor that is made from high-quality materials. There are also up to 10 razor blades which allow you to keep using the kit for an extended period of time. The replacement of these materials is quite rare, so you can save a huge amount of money.

Besides, you find some extra products to enhance your shaving routine, such as a separate oil and an aftershave balm to help your skin avoid many skin problems. A classy stand is also available in the kit to help hold brush and razor.

All of these contribute to the best shaving experience men have ever had. The money-back guarantee is another outstanding feature to confirm that the manufacture is confident in their products.

What are its downsides? The only thing we dislike about it is that the bowl has chrome-like color that may reflect bathroom gunk and spots. As a result, the aesthetic aspect can be a little ruined.


  • High-quality tools
  • Provide useful tools for sensitive skin
  • Much liquid in bottle
  • Money-back guarantee


  • The bowl is not really shiny

DOVICH 12-in-1 Beard Grooming Care Kit

This is another best grooming kit for men with several additional tools to help you take care of the whole face. It is a great option if you want to deal with facial hair as well as clean-shaven areas equally.

The versatility of the kit is great as it contains many materials for your beard and also several extra tools for closer shave.

It has a straight razor with a safe block so that you can utilize it properly. Besides, two blades are available to meet different cutting needs.

The problem is that there is no shaving lubricant or cream in the kit. As a result, you may have to invest in a separate one to improve the effectiveness.

Still, the kit includes many useful beard supplies, like a conditioner and some oils which have an excellent impact on your beard and make it more amazing.

In fact, the combination of wax and beard oil can have hydrating effects on men’s skin, especially useful for those with dry skin or beard dandruff.


  • Suitable for dry skin
  • Affordable
  • Available gear for shaving and beard care


  • Lack of shaving lubricant

VICYUNS Luxury Grooming Shaving Set

The VICYUNS is a definitely one of the best grooming kits for men on the market. With its high price, it is a phenomenal option for those who long for more comfortable shaving experience. It is also a perfect choice for skin irritation or razor bumps.

The kit offers a shaving soap which is free from allergies. All ingredients are 100% organic, which does not clog the pores or irritate the skin. You can be relieved that you no longer see red color on your skin every time after using razors.

As regards the razor in the pack, you will have a classy handle. The durability is very great because it is made from high-quality materials. There are 10 replacement blades in the kit, allowing you to use for an extended period.

Also, the kit contains a bowl with a mirror, which is absolutely outstanding for you to shave without mistakes. The manufacturer cares so much about beginners.

A stand is available to help you hold both beard brush and safety razor effectively. The brush is made of badger hair which is gentle and soft enough to take care of all kinds of skin.

What makes some people quite reluctant to choose this kit is its high price compared to other products. However, with all mentioned advantages, it is still a worth investment in the long term.


  • Appropriate brush and soap for sensitive skin
  • Bowl and mirror to improve the saving accuracy
  • Numerous replacement blades to save more money


  • High price

Beard Reverence Premium Beard Grooming Kit for Men

If you struggle with too rough beard hair, here is the best option for you. The Beard Reverence Premium is the best grooming kit for men with full beards and much facial hair. It provides all necessary tools to untangle and clean your beard.

Oil and wax are available to improve both feeling and look of your beard. You also find a balm which has soothing effects on any irritated skin beneath your beard.

If you want to clip away some stray hairs, you can make use of the scissors which is made from stainless steel.

All the items are classy and simple to carry away, so you can take the kit wherever you go. And the price is also very reasonable.

What are its drawbacks? The lack of razors can be a disadvantage for many people. In addition, the durability of the bag is quite poor as we find the zipper not so tough. You need to handle it with proper care.


  • Organic perishable products
  • Excellent tools
  • Convenient carrying case is available


  • Lack of razors
  • Flimsy case zipper

Alpha Vikings Beard Care Grooming Kit for Men

Despite the lack of oils or lubricants, the Alpha Vikings is still one of the greatest grooming kits for men who do not have so many concerns about conditioners or oils. It contains all primary tools a man needs to take care of his beard in the long term.

The aesthetic aspect of this grooming kit is excellent with canvas storage bag which is very durable to take everywhere.

There is a wooden comb which comes from maple wood. With two sizes of teeth, you are able to choose the sizes you want to deal with your beard. Maple wood is also the main material for the beard brush, contributing to better texture and softness of hair.

Moreover, you have razor-sharp scissors made from stainless steel to finish trimming all unwanted hair and regain the beauty of your beard. Wearable beard apron is useful to help you collect all trimmings and clean up more effectively.

Last but not least, a beard shaper from maple wood is a great feature to help you style the beard accurately.

As we mentioned above, the disadvantage of the kit comes from its shortage of oils or lubricants. Nevertheless, it is not a death sentence to this comprehensive grooming kit with so many helpful tools!


  • Affordable price
  • Durable travel bag
  • Well-made tools


  • No oils and lubricants

What’s Inside the Best Grooming Kit for Men?

Grooming or shaving kits mean that they offer a variety of products inside one package. Do you know all of the items inside the grooming kit? The fact is that not all kits are the same, which means different items are available in different packages.

Here are some of the most popular examples of things you would find in a grooming package:


Razor is one of the most common and iconic items of all kinds of grooming kits. The only exception is the kits designed to trim the hair on your beard or head.

Even though it is available in most types of kits, the kind of razor can be diverse among different products. Several razors are more suitable for beginners, while shaving connoisseurs may need sharper razors for better results.

It is important to consider the material of razors and the replacement of blades before you make the purchase. For example, the best razor usually comes from tough materials, like durable stainless steel, and it tends to be more durable than other plastic razors.

Meanwhile, many razors have disposable cartridges, but others come with permanent blades which you can sharpen throughout time to maintain its smooth operation.

It is undeniable that all razors will need replacing after a certain amount of time, but it is wiser if you choose something durable which saves you both time and money in the long term.

Shaving Lubricant

The next thing you are likely to find in the grooming kit is the shaving lubricant, which may vary from oils to gels or even creams. In fact, creams are the most common and men all around the world use them most frequently.

Dry shave is not recommended at all, so wet shave products, along with shaving lubricant, will offer you great value. Nevertheless, you should choose shaving lubricants based on your skin conditions.

If your skin has many pores which can be easily blocked or you have extremely sensitive skin, thinner shaving lubricants will be a great option. On the other hand, in case you shave very often, you should go for thicker shaving creams.

Hardly can we give an exact type for all kinds of skin, so you need to take your specific needs into consideration before buying. The amount of lubricant in the grooming kit is another essential factor to consider.


Aftershave is a very important step to make sure that your skin does not get damaged after shaving, but sadly, most men do not pay enough attention to it. This step is even more essential if your skin is very sensitive or you often experience razor bumps and burn.

Therefore, you should also look for aftershave products in the grooming kit. They will help clear out the pores and improve the impacts of shaving. Balms are one of the best examples to calm your skin or even soothe it, especially if the shaving process irritates your skin.

That being said, it is not a must for all men to use aftershaves and balms after shaving. We just highly recommend them to reduce the risks of irritation on your skin.

Shaving Brush

You may not find a shaving brush in every kit, but some of the best grooming kit for men contain one. Shaving brush plays an important role in shaving experience if you are familiar with straight razors.

The brushes help lather the shaving creams and guarantee the best consistency of creams on your skin. Some people might think that any brush can do the task, but the fact is they have designed shaving brushes particularly for lathering efficiently, so there is no reason to refuse a great tool to spread the creams around the beard promptly.

Shaving Bowl

If you want to use straight razors, you will need something to contain soap or cream. The best grooming kit for men usually has elegant shaving bowl which resembles small bowls or mugs. It even contributes to the aesthetic aspect of your bathroom.

Nevertheless, it is not a must-have item either. Regular bowl is acceptable in case you are concerned about the budget.

Final Verdict

Overall, for all men who are seeking for the optimum solution to their beard, it is essential to know how to choose the best grooming kit for men. Our guide has demonstrated top 5 out of the best kits on the current market and also, some necessary information to help you sort out things within several minutes.

Do not hesitate to share your experience with us today!