What is the Best Straight Razor Shaving Kit for Men

Straight Razor

For those who have experienced the feel and luxury of straight razor shaving, it is almost impossible to return to disposable razors. Another advantage is that you could get a straight razor shaving kit which contains many different types of products. It is the ultimate option for men who have little time.

Let’s find out more about the best straight razor shaving kit for men with us today! And do not skip our comprehensive guide on how to choose the most appropriate product so that you can save tons of money and time.

Best Straight Razor Shaving Kit for Men

Naked Armor Solomon Straight Razor Shaving Kit

This best straight razor shaving kit for men includes all the basic but necessary items, from the blade to travel case. But the beauty of this kit really impresses us, beginning with its packaging.

The manufacturer gets a compact wooden box which is absolutely luxurious and there is their minimal logo on top. You will find inside the box all the tools which are perfectly placed. Let’s take a closer look at these items.

The Japanese steel straight razor blade is one of the best you can find on the market. It is essential to pay attention to the word “Japanese”. We all know that Japanese steel is among the world’s top. You can realize many movies in which Japanese warriors use swords and slice every single bamboo branch effortlessly. The name says its quality itself.

Besides, the blade is quite long, which allows you to shave within less time. Wood scales are lightweight, so you will feel comfortable when using the blade. The handle is made of algum, or you may be familiar with the name sandalwood, which is one of the world’s most expensive woods.

Solid algum is also the main material for making the brush handle. As regards the brush you can find in the kit, it has ergonomic design and badger-friendly hairs which means that there is no badger death when manufacturing this kit.

High-quality leather is used to make the strop which is very useful to align the blade’s edge once you finish sharpening. In general, this contributes to maintaining the sharpness and shininess.

For all benefits, it is understandable that this kit comes at a little bit high price. But if you take all of its advantages, it is definitely a worth investment in the long term.


  • Contain all necessary items to shave immediately
  • Different colors are available


  • A little bit expensive

Parker SR1 Straight Edge Razor Shave Set

When it comes to stylish look, the Parker SR1 is the best straight razor shaving kit for men. Everything you gets in the kit appears professional, making you feel like a real barber.

The first feature that we need to mention is its chrome stand that can holds your brush and razor neatly. It is such a great choice when you want to avoid messing up everything to store the razor.

In terms of the razor, it has an interestingly foldable design which can lock in place conveniently before you shave. It can move quickly and easily so that you can deal with the hardest areas on your face.

Besides, we all love the badger bristle brush available in the kit. Thanks to lush and thick bristles, you will have such pleasant experience of applying lather.

With about 100 spare blades, you can enjoy using the kit for such a long time and have no worry about additional costs of replacements. Even when you need to replace blades, the cost is affordable. Therefore, it is a great investment to replace your disposable straight razor blade.

On the other hand, the biggest drawback of this kit is the shortage of many necessary items, such as lotions, shaving soaps or aftershave.


  • Sharp blades
  • Stylish and good-looking packages
  • Affordable


  • Lack of lotions, shaving soaps, and aftershave
  • Switching the blades can be quite confusing if you are at the first time

A.P. Donovan 7/8” Straight Razor Set

If you are much concerned about the quality of shaving tools and their performance, the A.P. Donovan is the best straight razor shaving kit for men like you. It is also known as the most well-balanced kits we have chosen throughout this list.

Made of 63-Rockwell Japanese steel, the razor is very helpful to give you a sharp and hard straight-edge shave. Besides, it is also durable and you can use it for a long time.

In addition to the graceful razor, you also find its badger-hair shave brush very elegant, coming with mahogany handle. Its brush appears amazing and can take care of your face gently.

One of the best advantages of this kit comes from its luxury feelings. All items, including its mahogany decorative box or Japanese steel, contribute to stylish look and feelings. It is a suitable kit for all newcomers and hobbyist shavers.

On the other hand, some drawbacks can be made from its short strop or the poor quality of strop. Many users complained that the strop’s quality is by far inferior to other items’ quality.


  • Decorative wooden box
  • Unique leather strop
  • Japanese steel makes excellent quality
  • All necessary items for shaving in style


  • Strop is quite short
  • Poor quality of strop

Anbbas 7-in-1 Shaving Set

The next best straight razor kit for men which contains disposable straight razors is the Anbbas 7-in-1 set. If you are a big fan of straight razor shaving without the need of sharpening the razors, this kit is a suitable option for you.

The accessories are what make us fall in love with it. The kit offers a shaving brush, shaving mug, razor, razor case, shaving soap, 10 replacement blades and brush. It is such a comprehensive set.

When we examine the razor closely, its olive wooden handle is really an outstanding feature as it is agile and light in our hands. Thanks to its compact and nimble design, you can move it around and under the lips and nose easily. When you do not need to use the razors, you can fold them and put them in razor case.

In addition, the shaving mug also proves useful to help soak shaving brush in warm water, so you can lather cream or soap more conveniently after that.

Compared to other products on the market, this kit comes at a quite reasonable price, which is absolutely an advantage for many men to choose.

The only draw we can find is that it may take you more time and energy to load replacement razors. But don’t worry as the instructions are very clear and you just need to follow them.


  • Affordable price
  • A large number of accessories available
  • Handcrafted care


  • Loading replacement razors needs more attention

Straight Razor Beginner’s Shaving Set

For those who are new to straight razor kits, the Straight Razor Beginner’s Shaving set is nothing but a perfect option. You can tell its quality and experience from the name itself. It is very useful to help beginners get used to shaving and having the best result.

If you want wet shaving to achieve perfection, this set will provide necessary contents to keep you on track. Inside the pack, you will find all important items, from soft shaving soap having wonderful scent to leather shave brush. They all contribute to a satisfactory experience. Besides, you also have a leather strop which comes from Germany with the ultimate quality.

What are its drawbacks? The truth is that this kit is absolutely suitable for beginners. However, as time passes by, your needs will grow and soon you want to upgrade the kit or just several items. In other words, it is hard for people to use the kit for such a long time and it costs them additional costs to get a new one.


  • Simple to use
  • Effective shaving brush
  • Pleasant shaving soap
  • High-quality razor


  • Users often need to upgrade items quickly

The Shave Network Shaving Straight Razor 6/8” Set

If you long for the best straight razor shaving kit for men with an affordable price, here is the choice for you – the Shave Network Shaving Set. It offers a shaving brush, a strop to help you straighten the edge, a canister of blades, as well as gold dollar straight razor.

In addition, users will have a comprehensive guide which allows any beginners to get used to straight razor shaving quickly.

When it comes to details, the handle is very comfortable to hold thanks to a curving pattern which improves razor visibility. Overall, the razor is smart and pleasant to wield, along with a professionally sharpened steel blade.

Another outstanding feature that we cannot skip is the free lifetime sharpening you can get from its manufacturer. It is such a great way to save your money, isn’t it? Perhaps the only other thing you need to pay, apart from the kit, is the shipping cost.

What can be its drawbacks? Some users complained about synthetic shave brush.


  • Free lifetime sharpening
  • Reasonable cost
  • Comprehensive guide for beginners
  • Comfort


  • Synthetic shave brush

What’s Included in the Best Straight Razor Shaving Kit for Men?

With the increasing awareness of men in the significance of shaving, the current market is full of options from various manufacturers. All are advertised as the best, and you are likely to end up with confusion.

Let us make it simple for you with a list of top items you need to find when it comes to the best straight razor shaving kit for men!

Great Straight Edge Razor

Undeniably, straight razor is the most essential thing to consider when you choose the best straight razor shaving kit for men. It should be made from high quality materials and have great durability.

Normally, stainless steel and carbon steel are two of the most common materials for cut-throat blades nowadays. Each of them has their own characteristics, and it is hard to select which one is better for you.

If you want something more brittle and harder, carbon steel will be the better option. Meanwhile, stainless steel can withstand harsh conditions of the nature.

Quality Brush

Another factor that needs to be excellent in the kit is the brush. Before, many men made use of sea sponges to help lather soap or shaving cream. However, with the arrival of shaving brushes, you can now forget the sponges.

Not only does a brush create a rich and warm lather, but it also helps heat up your skin and make pores open up. In addition, the brush also contributes to the removal of dead skin cells.

Several types of brushes are available, such as synthetic, horsehair, boar shaving, or badger brushes.

Shaving Soap for Your Own Skin

Appearing for the first time in the 14th century, shaving soap has remained essential in shaving experience. A great shaving soap usually needs to contain much fat (vegetable or tallow) and glycerin.

Glycerin which comes from plain oil plays an important role in lubrication and protection. During the shaving process, the blade will glide over the skin, which is likely to lead to minor nicks. Glycerin is there to reduce that risk.

Quality Strop

Many people believe that strops are of less importance in the kit. Nevertheless, it is undoubted that the lack of strops can lead to less effective shaving with traditional blades. In other words, strops are really functional and contribute to polishing and straightening the blade’s steel.

There is a wide range of materials for making strops, and the same happens to their finish. Some have canvas finishing, while others go with linen. Each strop has its own features.

Basically, three types of strops are available: loom, paddle strops, and hanging strops. All of them have the same purpose which is to straighten the blade edge. Though hanging strops are the most common, but you have to fix it to an immovable object.

There are two popular sizes of strops: 2 and 3 inches, each of which has its own advantages and disadvantages. For flat stroke, a 3-inch strop is a better option. On the other hand, the 2-inch will be necessary to make x patterns.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do you find everything you need to know in our article? If you find something missing, check these commonly asked questions as below.

Is A Straight Razor Better to Shave?

The answer is yes. A straight razor is an excellent choice to get a close shave and reduce the possibility of ingrown hair or irritation. With numerous tools in the straight razor kit, you can enjoy a quick and effective shaving experience. In addition, luxury is another advantage.

Is a straight razor cheaper?

There are some similarities between shavettes and straight razors, even though the former may be cheaper. Nevertheless, getting a full razor kit is an economical investment in the long term as it contains many tools and most of them are durable for a certain period of time. As a result, you can avoid additional costs of replacement.

Straight razors vs. Regular razors: which one is better?

Overall, both safety and straight razors are greater than electric and cartridge razors because they produce smoother and closer shaves. However, when you need to choose one of them, a straight razor is highly recommended for classic and luxurious shaving.

Is a straight razor difficult to use?

Using straight razor delivers a very different experience because of a learning curve to using it. Fortunately, the technique is super easy and you can easily understand after watching several tutorial videos.

Does the shave of a straight razor last longer?

Although you might not get the closest shave from straight razor, its result is definitely great and longer-lasting. Nevertheless, remember not to use wet shave for two consecutive days.

Final Verdict

In general, choosing the best straight razor shaving kit for men is not a simple task which you can make overnight. The market is full of choices and with this buying guide, we hope you can find the most suitable kit for you.

With our list of the best straight razor shaving kit for men, you will have a better understanding of what’s going on nowadays. Do not hesitate to share with us your experience and your final option!