Best Beard Kit for Black Men

Beard Kit for Black Men

Choosing proper beard products can help black men grow and groom their beard much more easily. In fact, black men’s beards are usually curly and thick, which means that they are harder to handle and it is necessary to have proper beard care.

Fortunately, many manufacturers have recognized these needs and come up with the best beard kit for black men which includes many natural ingredients to nourish, soften, and moisturize their facial hair. To be specific, there are a beard wash for cleansing, a conditioner for a healthy shine, and even quality oil or brush to create perfect style.

Let’s figure out what is the best beard kit for black men with our article today!

What is the Best Beard Kit for Black Men?

Shea Moisture Beard Kit

When it comes to top beard kit for black men, it is hard to skip the Shea Moisture Beard Kit, an excellent nourishing choice for skin and hair.

All products in the kit contain maracuja oil, which comes to passionfruit and serves as one of the richest sources of vitamin C, phosphorus and calcium. These ingredients are helpful to repair dry hair and skin. Besides, you will get a beard wash, conditioning oil, balm and detangler in the kit also.

The Shea kit does not include paraben or sulfates as all ingredients are completely natural and organic. There are different types of vitamins, from A, E to F, to contribute to the growth of your facial hair. In addition, natural oils also help to condition the hair and eliminate dry flaky skin.

For people with curly and thick beard, its detangler is extremely useful to maintain a proper look. Other products like beard balm allow black men to make trendy style as they wish.

Last but not least, we cannot ignore the beard wash which plays an essential role in cleaning the facial hair. The beard shampoo provides a deep cleanse, but you do not need to worry about its wiping out natural oils on your beard. Furthermore, the light refreshing scent is another advantage for many people.

Viking Revolution Beard Shampoo and Conditioner Set

Viking Revolution is one of the best brands in the industry of grooming, and there is no doubt that its beard shampoo and conditioner set belongs to the list of the best beard kit for black men we would like to introduce today.

The set is designed to stimulate beard growth with many products to soften, clean and make your facial hair shine.

Both shampoo and conditioner are scented with eucalyptus and natural peppermint. As a result, they have such pleasant scent. In addition, both contain essential oils, namely argan oil to nourish the skin, make your beard softer, and reduce the risk of dry scaly patches at the same time.

Jojoba oil and argan oil can be found in the conditioner. Thanks to their antibacterial and moisturizing qualities, these oil help avoid a sticky residue after using.

It is also important to remember that jojoba oil is a common remedy to psoriasis, acne, or many other skin irritations, such as razor bumps. Both of these oils are known as the superb fighter for healthy skin and hair.

Therefore, if you want a great set to take care of your beard and more importantly, get rid of itchiness and dry skin, the Viking Revolution is such a great option.

Isner Mile Beard Grooming Products for Men

If you are keen on the best beard kit for black men, you should check this one – Isner Mile Beard grooming products.

Like most beard kits on the market, the beard wash inside the Isner Mile kit has amazing features as it is made with jojoba oil, Argania Spinosa kernel oil, menthol and Algae extracts, which have great impacts on cleaning your beard. In addition, they also contribute to irritation-free beard.

Besides, the manufacturer uses tea tree leaf oil and tocopherol to produce beard conditioner oil, so it is a perfect option to nourish your beard and make it shiny. Beard wax is beneficial to build up more strength for beard, while boar bristle brush keeps the beard style as you wish.

You also get many other items in the kit, such as a complete beard guide e-book for both beginners and professionals, a travel bag for safe carrying, and a medical-grade SS scissor.

Professor Fuzzworthy Deluxe Best Beard Grooming Set

Undeniably, the Professor Fuzzworthy kit is one of the best beard kit you can find for African Americans. First of all, let’s take a look at what’s inside this pack. There are shampoo and conditioner, like most other kits on the market. Moreover, you will have a beard brush and beard balm.

The shampoo in this kit can be one of the best on the market as it includes two key ingredients. Conditioning olive plays an essential role in boosting beard growth, while the other ingredient is castor oil, which is beneficial as a high-quality nourishment substance.

Meanwhile, the conditioner is also an excellent option, allowing users to detangle their beard any time. The manufacturer infuses the beard balm with Kunzea oil to help get rid of dandruff and itchiness. Besides, you will love moisture and gloss coming from this product.

Last but not least, you will need its boar bristle beard brush to maintain your beard’s style.

All the products do not contain any synthetic chemicals; therefore, you can find them very safe to use. Besides, the woody fragrance is another outstanding feature that we cannot miss.

Rapid Beard Grooming & Trimming Kit for Men Care

Another best beard kit for black men is the Rapid Beard grooming set, which includes a beard comb, beard brush, wax, beard oil, and also barber scissors for additional styling.

Let’s start with the beard oil which contains a variety of oils, such as jojoba oil, argan oil, vitamin E oil, and grapeseed oil. All of them contribute to hydrating your beard throughout the day and making it shiny.

In addition, the beard balm has a mixture of 100% natural ingredients, such as coconut, shea butter, tea tree oil, beeswax, almond oils, and macadamia oil. They are beneficial to help you style your beard and strengthen it in the long term.

Thanks to the wooden comb and boar bristle brush, it is possible to keep the style of beard in the way you want so easily.

Dovich 12 in 1 Best Beard Products for Black Men

If you are interested in the best beard kit for black men, it is certain that the Dovich will satisfy you with up to 12 different parts. Let’s start with the beard wash, which is fragrance-free and beneficial for inducing the beard growth. In addition, it also contributes to clean and tidy beard.

The natural oil in the Dovich kit provides much moisture for your beard and then, enhances the growth of beard.

Besides, thanks to the beard balm, you can style the beard in the way you want and it will remain all day long. There are also many benefits from beard trimming elements, like SS scissor, protection cap, and double-sided comb. Its boar bristle brush is good for beard growth as it helps stimulate beard follicle.

The kit also offers beard bib which has various suction caps as well as a linen bag so that you can carry the stuffs anywhere easily. The beard guide of Dovich gives a lot of useful tips to improve your beard condition.

Tips of Beard Care for Black Men

Black men usually have specific needs to take care of their hair and skin, which are unique. Here are some tips to help black men look after their beard better.

Choose natural ingredients and high-quality products

Washing and moisturizing are important for black men’s beard. However, on the market, there are many generic brands containing harsh chemicals which can cause dryness and irritation for their skin. Thus, it is essential to check the labels of product first and make sure that you are getting something natural and high-quality.

Moisturizing oils and lye are common in most soaps. You will find many hot-processed soaps handmade or produced in small batches. They usually have better quality as the manufacturer cooks the natural oils during the process of making soaps, instead of adding them afterward like the case of cold-pressed soaps.

If possible, you should choose argan oil, shea butter, or jojoba oil, which have great impacts on keeping your beard clean and healthy with their moisturizing properties.

Beard shampoo, conditioner, and oil for your skin

After choosing the appropriate natural products, it is time you looked for something extra moisturizing for your beard so that it does not become dry and brittle. The recommendation is not to use the same products, including shampoo and conditioner, on your head for your beard. The reason is simple: they are not formulated for both areas.

It is essential that the beard products get natural skin oils to prevent inflammation, cleanse, nourish and hydrate your beard. Besides, black men should use beard oil and balm to finish grooming beards as well. The market now is full of top beard oils which are specifically designed for black men.

Tea tree oil, peppermint, and coconut are the best examples thanks to their antibacterial qualities. Argan oil is helpful to strength hair follicles and boost the beard growth and fullness. Meanwhile, shea butter is a great option to protect the skin and repair some damage, which is necessary for men with itchiness and flakiness.

Healthy and balanced lifestyle

Many men do not know about this secret. The way you treat your hair and body has a significant influence on the beard growth. Whether you want a long full beard or trimmed short one, the well-balanced diet still plays an essential role. And by mentioning “balanced diet”, we mean a diet consists of lean meats, vegetables, nuts, legumes, and fish.

Healthy foods are beneficial to growth your beard. However, we understand that it is a challenging task for many men to get all necessary nutrients on a regular basis. Therefore, supplements are a great alternative in these circumstances.

Besides, exercises are also important and you can focus more on weightlifting and cardio. Exercises are known to stimulate the release of testosterone and the flow of blood, both of which contribute to a full and healthy beard.

Last but not least, you need to drink much water during the day to hydrate both skin and hair.


Growing a beard is also a test for patience. Normally, you have to wait for 4-6 weeks to reach the point that the beard needs grooming and styling. In the first period of growing, you might feel your beard quite patchy. As a result of coarse and tightly curled hair, many of you will experience razor bumps or ingrown hairs.

It is important to look after the skin by using suitable facial cleansers as well as moisturizers. When the beard is longer, you will no longer see patchy spots or razor bumps.

Beard balm for styling

After using beard oil, you should continue using beard balm in the next step. It should follow other grooming and styling products so that your beard gets an additional protection and seal in moisture.

For the best hydration, most balms contain the same ingredients as beard oils, but you also notice several thicker ingredients, such as shea butter or beeswax.

These ingredients are important to hold the moisture to hydrate your hair and skin. Beeswax is useful for styling, while most natural ingredients keep your beard fuller and thicker.

Trim beard often

Even though it may sound opposite, trimming beard regularly can have great effects on the beard growth in the long term. If you have grown facial hair for several months, it is necessary to trim regularly.

By using good scissors and beard trimmers, you can remove any split ends to accelerate the beard growth. The excessive number of split ends is responsible for slow growth, so you can remove them instead of using products to minimize untamed split ends.

Guide to Choose The Best Beard Kit for Black Men

As we have gone through specific requirements to take care of beard for black men, it is time to know what you should look for in the best beard kit for black men. Here are several factors to take into consideration!

Organic ingredients

It is commonly known that when it comes to sensitivity, your scalp is less than your facial skin. Therefore, you need to know well what you are going to apply on the facial skin. Original products are the most reliable.

In other words, you should find brands with organic ingredients only. Even though some manufacturers claim that some chemicals are safe, they still have side effects on sensitive face. The most common organic ingredients you commonly see in beard products are coconut oil, beeswax, or shea butter.

No artificial fragrance

Artificial fragrance can be added to deliver a soothing and pleasant fragrance in many products. It may sound like a good idea, but in fact, some adverse effects can happen to your face and beard. Therefore, artificial fragrance is not a wise choice after all.

A full set

It does not mean that you have to buy a complete set every month. Think about beard grooming in the long term and you will find out that a full set is a worthwhile investment. Getting separate items can help you have the best of each one, but it is a tiring and long process. So why don’t you just pick up the best beard kit, especially designed for black men.


Last but not least, price is an important factor you need to think about before purchasing a new kit. A full set can guarantee that you will use these items for long time, so it is not necessary to choose the most economical set.

Our recommendation is to buy a suitable set even when its price can be higher than you expect. If the products are made properly, it is reasonable that they come at higher prices.

Final Verdict

In general, your beard not only indicates beauty, but also shows your strength and masculinity as well. Therefore, there is no reason to be ignorant of styling beard. We hope that our reviews of the best beard kit for black men have already shown you which one is the most suitable for you.

Due to genetic factors, black men need to take more proper care of their beard so that it is always healthy and stylish. And do not forget to share your experience to help others.