Best Beard Products for African American Men

Beard Products For African American MenAfrican American men used to have the same frustration that is the lack of beard products tailored to their thick and curly hair. This is just a thing of the past. These days you can easily find a facial hair product that works wonders for black men. But if you still find this process a little confusing, have a look at the best beard products for African American men we have carefully selected below.

Best Beard Products For African American Men

Viking Revolution Wooden Beard Comb

A good beard comb for black men should be suitable for use with balm and oil. It should be sturdy enough to sort out tangled coarse hair. This wooden beard comb from Viking Revolution checks all the boxes. While it can work great with all types of hair and beards, it’s one of the best products you can find for black men.

This beard comb is made from pearwood and has two sides for two different tooth options: fine and coarse. This allows African Americans more choices to adapt to their beards. It can untangle and remove the knots without irritating or pulling your beard. This wooden comb also has another surprising benefit, which is encouraging your facial hair to grow in the right direction thanks to the fine teeth. This helps avoid itchiness and ingrown hairs as well.

Overall, this is a great comb if you want to keep your beard in great condition and grow it out. Using the Viking Revolution comb will stimulate the follicles of your facial, making it grow slightly faster.

Honest Amish Beard Oil

Black men will have a hard time finding a better beard oil for their beard than this product from Honest Amish. Made entirely of natural ingredients, this oil can make your beard smoother and softer while also moisturizing and hydrating the underneath face skin.

The formula of the Honest Amish beard oil consists of kukui oil, apricot kernel oil, almond oil, moringa oil, pumpkin seed oil, avocado oil, argan oil, and jojoba oil. Since the product has no parabens, preservatives, fillers, or any artificial chemicals whatsoever, it is safe for even sensitive skin. It should also gain approval from vegans as well thanks to this plant-based formula.

The Honest Amish beard oil can promote growth while being able to stop dandruff and beard itch, providing effective grooming and care to black mens’ beards. If you have brittle, damaged, or dry facial hair, you should apply this oil on a daily basis to put your beard back in great condition.

In addition to its ability to protect your facial hair, this beard oil also comes with a light blended scent, which is a mix of clove, grapefruit, and cedarwood. As a result, it gives off a pleasant yet masculine smell that is loved by both men and women.

ZilberHaar Beard Brush

We have already mentioned combs for black men to take care of their beards, but there is another thing you should also get to make your beard look better, healthier, and smoother, which is a brush like this product from ZilberHaar.

As the skin under your beard can be very delicate and soft, one of the most critical things you should always remember when picking a brush is that never use one with too hard bristles. Doing so will just irritate and even scratch your face skin. By saying that, a too soft one isn’t good either as it will defeat the main purpose of a beard brush, which is sorting out your tangled facial hair.

Made in Germany with entirely first-cut boar bristles, the ZilberHaar beard brush strikes a great balance, giving the proper amount of stiffness needed for your facial hair. It can help you get rid of any knots quickly without irritating your sensitive skin.

This brush doesn’t have only natural bristles, but the handle is also made from pearwood. It’s an ideal choice for eco-conscious customers as they can be assured that the product they’re going to brush their beard on is eco-friendly. This handle looks good, thanks to its delicate texture, and does a great job by giving a solid grip as well.

Using the ZIlberHaar brush daily will help your beard get uniform growth, which also means less ingrown and itching hairs. The bristles work with other beard balms and oils, spreading them evenly and effectively over your beard. Another minor benefit of this beard brush is its ability to remove dead cells from your facial skin.

Polished Gentleman Beard Growth and Thickening Conditioner

This beard conditioner of the Polished Gentleman brand lies somewhere between wax and oil, protecting your facial hair in a different yet similar way. It softens your beard, but unlike was, it doesn’t provide much hold. And when you rinse out this conditioner, it lasts even longer than typical beard oil. The follicles of your hair will stay hydrated while you will suffer less from itchiness as well.

Made from organic ingredients such as biotin, this beard conditioner gives your facial hair a large amount of nutrients it requires to grow and stay healthy. Biotin, for example, is critical when you need to stimulate and encourage hair growth, keeping it looking full and healthy. Other ingredients in the formula, such as manuka honey, tea tree oil, and argan oil, work together to ensure your beard is smooth with sufficient coating.

The Polished Gentleman conditioner isn’t as strong as beard wax, but your stray hair will be kept in check easily without any issue. As African Americans tend to have curly and coarse hair, this product is a perfect beard care product for them. Applying this conditioner on your bear will soften your facial hair comprehensively. The light scent is also a big plus. It doesn’t overshadow your fragrances or irritate sensitive skin.

Honest Amish Beard Wax

Let’s go back to a typical beard wax, which works in the same way as beard balm but provides your facial hair with a much stronger hold, thanks to the higher density of beeswax. Made in the USA, the beard wax from Honest Amish can help you style your beard to any shape you like, taming any rogue hair that doesn’t go along with it.

While Honest Amish doesn’t disclose the full list of ingredients, this beard wax is mostly made of natural components, such as butters, organic oils, and beeswax, with no chemicals. Working together, they condition your facial hair, giving it a good-looking shine. This beard wax also protects the follicles by keeping them hydrated. The beauty effect of the Honest Amish beard wax might not last permanently, but its benefits to the health of your facial hair will go beyond that, even when your beard continues to grow.

The scent is masculine but doesn’t stand out too much, smelling like a peanut-like aroma. As this a 100% natural product, you don’t have to worry much about it drying your beard and skin – a common issue for many mass-producing products with artificial chemicals. It doesn’t only do one job, which is to moisturize and soften your facial hair to help you have a style you love.

Shea Moisture Complete Beard Kit

With this grooming set, which includes a detangler, beard balm, oil, and wash, Shea Moisture has produced an all-in-one product for African Americans. All of them are made from natural ingredients, such as maracuja oil and shea butter. This choice will make your beard always moisturized, healthy, and nourished.

The conditioning oil helps your facial hair and the skin soft and hydrated all the time. Thanks to vitamins A, E, and F in the ingredients, this oil promotes the growth of your beard by working together with the natural oils of your skin. As a result, it keeps your beard conditioned and penetrates deep to remove all the dry skin.

Black men usually have curly, thick, and coarse facial hair, and that’s why the detangler included in this set is a life-saver. The brush consists of boar bristles, and it’s able to straighten and detangle your beard, providing it with a well-kept, proper look.

Additionally, the beard balm can help any black man style, define, and shape any trendy beard he wants. It’s especially good at keeping a healthy shine while retaining the form of long facial hair.

The beard wash is the final product in this grooming kit, which is always necessary when you need to clean your beard. This shampoo can help deep clean facial hair without stripping the natural oils or drying it out. On top of that, it also gives off a pleasant light scent without irritating your senses. Overall, if you aren’t fond of purchasing each product separately, this Shea Moisture kit will come in handy.

Striking Viking Beard Balm

Plenty of black men acknowledge they need to take care of your beard with some products, but most of them know and use only beard wash. If this is the case for you, consider adding beard balm into your grooming routine. It’s a great addition to your beard wash, providing more hold and moisturizing your beard at the same time. The beard balm from Striking Viking is a great product you should check out if you have never tried this kind of product before.

This set contains four one-ounce tin balms from the most popular scents, including Citrus, Vanilla, Cedarwood, and Sandalwood. They help your beard and mustache smell good and fresh all day long. No matter which scent you prefer, all of them are made from high-quality natural ingredients, so you can protect and nourish your facial hair and skin without any worries.

These balms have jojoba oils, argan, tea tree, and shea butter – all ingredients known for their ability to protect and hydrate skin and facial hair. They give black men the ultimate hold and control of how to style your beard, leaving no oily, greasy feeling or no weighing it down.

Scratching and itching shouldn’t be a problem anymore with these balms from Striking Viking. Just a small amount into the roots of your facial hair can avoid flakes for the whole day. They are also compatible with all kinds of skin: normal, ance, or dry.

Philips Norelco Multigroom Series Grooming Kit

This Philips Norelco grooming kit will give you everything you need to define the style of your beard. With 23 pieces tailored to all your grooming needs, this cordless set doesn’t just work with your beard but also your body hair and head hair. Philips Norelco has equipped the DualCut technology into these tools, so each of them has twice the number of blades, giving greater precision. These self-sharpening blades are also very durable, so you should not worry about them for a few years.

Even with the curly and thick hair of black men, the Philips Norelco grooming kit is more than capable of handling it. The trimmers are sturdy and tough, while the built-in motor is fairly powerful. The lithium-ion battery can give you about 5 hours of grooming for each charge, which is more than enough for some sessions.

The cutting guards are strong as well, mainly because Philips Norelco has reinforced them with fiberglass. This is the reason you should be confident to deliver the best accuracy and precision while grooming your facial, body, and head hair. All these tools are waterproof and washable, and they don’t require any blade oil to work as well.

Viking Revolution Beard Wash and Conditioner

This set of beard wash and conditioner should be a must-have product in your self-care arsenal. They are all great for black men as your beard won’t just be washed but also hydrated and have a clear shine.

This beard wash can get rid of all the irritability and itchiness from sensitive skin as well, thanks to its natural ingredients. The argan and jojoba oil will also nourish and moisturize your skin, down to each follicle of your facial hair.


All the best beard products for African American men above work with curly, thick, and coarse hair. They help you style your beard while protecting from itchiness, leaving it healthy and hydrated all day long.