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VIRILITAS | Beard & Hair Growth Vitamin | Best Supplement For Thicker, Longer, & Fuller Facial Hair | With Biotin, Shilajit, & B12

virilitas beard and hair growth vitamin supplement
beard brush testimonial
beard brush testimonial
beard brush testimonial
virilitas beard vitamin supplement
virilitas beard vitamin supplement

Price: $59.99
Special Early Bird Price: $19.99
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    • A FULLER, THICKER, LONGER (& HEALTHIER) BEARD: Want a fuller, longer, healthier beard? Who doesn't! VIRILITAS tops up your system with vitamins and minerals necessary to maximize facial hair growth.
    • GIVE YOUR BEARD THE FUEL IT NEEDS: Your hair needs certain nutrients to grow. If you're not eating or supplementing with these nutrients, your beard and hair simply can't reach their full potential. Think of VIRILITAS as the fuel your beard needs to become longer, stronger, fuller, and healthier.
    • FOR SUCCESSFUL MEN: A longer, fuller beard not only makes you look more attractive, but makes you feel more confident. Looking good and feeling confident leads to you performing better, and sets you up to be more successful.
    • MEN-ONLY FORMULA: This product has one goal, and one goal only. To maximize a man's beard and hair growth. It's not a women's hair formula, it's not an expensive multivitamin being marketed as a beard booster. It was designed from the ground up to support facial hair growth, which means this is for men only. Your body will thank you.
    • 100% GENTLEMAN'S GUARANTEE: No risk! We'll make it right if you're not happy.

Customer Reviews

virilitas reviews

The ONLY way to maximize your beard growth is by fuelling it with vital nutrients that your body may be lacking.

That’s why Virilitas includes only the best vitamins and minerals that support beard and hair growth.



Turns into Vitamin A and promotes healthy sebum, keeping your skin from becoming dry, creating a healthy environment for whisker growth.


The “sunshine vitamin” is needed for hair growth and can help prevent ingrown hairs. Extra important if you get limited sunlight.


Also known as Vitamin B7, helps produce amino acids and contributes to health and growth of hair, and potentially decreases shedding.


Also known as folate, contributes to hair and skin health.


Also known as cobalamin, it’s essential for nerve and blood cell health, healthy metabolism, and contributes to hair and skin health.


Needed by your body to absorb collagen and is necessary for protein synthesis. Is the wingman to protein rich foods & supplements that boosts your body’s ability to make collagen – all necessary for maximizing hair growth.


Helps keep hair follicles healthy and creates a good environment for healthy whisker growth.


Zinc has a direct effect on maintaining healthy testosterone levels, which can benefit your quest for the best possible beard.


Hair, skin and nails are high in cysteine, which is a sulfur-containing amino acid that supports the strength of your hair and whiskers.


This ayurvedic remedy is comprised of over 85 minerals that have shown to have an incredibly positive impact on our minds and bodies, among them, anti-aging properties and increased testosterone levels, which is vital to hair growth.