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Liberty Beard Brush Ranked #1 By

We’re thrilled with the results of the recent in-depth review of beard brushes on the market, performed by, as they ranked our very own beard brush as the #1 pick, with an overall score of 97/100.

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Our brush came away as the only boar bristle brush tested that was definitely boar bristle. One of our main motivators for creating this brush was the fact that bearded men everywhere have complained about other brands not containing actual boar bristle.

Some others include synthetic materials, which is not only false advertising, but they simply aren’t as good or healthy for your facial hair.

Furthermore, it performed well! Here’s what they had to say about peformance:

As far as the performance of the brush, it does a terrific job in getting every single beard follicle down to the skin. This is a critical component in making sure your beard product gets to the skin beneath your beard.  In addition to being able to get down to the skin, this brush does a great job in evenly distributing oils among your beard follicles rather well whether you have a very short beard or even a yeard.

Thanks to Shawn for his review, and for giving us the chance to show off our chops!

His final verdict?

Final thoughts: Whether you are buying this brush for yourself or the beardsman in your life, its definitely the best one we reviewed.

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