How To Use A Beard Brush

If you’re only using a balm or an oil, you’re not doing enough.

Your beard deserves the attention to detail that you practice throughout your life, so why stop at just a balm or oil?

Sure, you’re already ahead of the game by using a balm or oil, but if you really want to break away from the pack, you’ll need to up your game.

To get the most out of your beard products, and make your beard healthier and better looking, you’ll need to use our premium boar bristle beard brush as part of your daily routine.

advanced beard grooming


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Start by brushing your beard up – from neck to face.

Then, work your way down from top to bottom, bringing the hairs into alignment and styling as you go.

Give it a once or twice over, once per day, and you will seriously enhance your beard.

Regular brushing helps clean your beard. The boar hair bristles reach deep down to the skin to pull away any dead skin, shed hairs, or oil build up. This leaves your hair and beard cleaner and healthier.

It also helps distribute oil in a natural and effective way, which makes your grooming products more effective and will help soften and strengthen your beard.

Finally, you’ll get an amazing style experience with a brush like this, because it will keep everything pointing in the same direction in a way that your hands simply can’t match.

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