How To Fade or Taper Your Beard

What started out as an email to a customer morphed into a video response, which we figured might help more people, so we created it as a dedicated video.

This is a quick explanation on how to taper or fade your beard.

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You’ll want to start by making sure your beard is the same length to begin with, so you’ll want to trim with shears or a beard trimmer all over your beard at the LONGEST length you’ll want.

So if you want a 1 inch beard at the longest point, go over your entire beard at a 1 inch length.

Then, pick a spot about half an inch to an inch up from the spot where you want your beard to be the longest.

Most people will want the area around their jaw line and chin to be longest, so move up a bit from that point.

Now, take your trimmer or shears and go over your beard ABOVE that point with a lower setting. For example, you might turn your trimmer from a 10 to an 8.

Repeat this process until you reach the shortest area of your beard. Just keep choosing a line about half to one inch up from the previous line you started from, and trim everything above that line.

You’ll wind up pretty short, likely around the ears, and you’ll only have a little section to trim to that shortest length.

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