Growing A Beard Faster And Thicker: Do Beard Vitamins and Supplements Actually Work

Growing A Beard Faster And Thicker: Do Beard Vitamins and Supplements Actually Work?

We’ve all heard those claims, companies touting the benefits of their vitamin or supplement products, saying that they are guaranteed to make your hair and whiskers magically grow long, thick and full. Have you ever wondered if there is any truth in what they say?

If they promise to turn every man into a beard growing machine, they’re selling you a crock of BS.

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I decided to do some research and see if there were any natural products men could take to enhance their facial hair, and came to the conclusion that there ARE some vitamins and minerals that show some real potential.

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Remember though, there is NO magic elixir or potion. No pill, powder or formula will turn you from smooth and baby-faced, into an ultra hairy-faced guy. A supplement can only enhance the beard you already have, not grow hairs where there were none before. Whiskers can only grow where there are already healthy follicles.

And there’s nothing that we know of that will make your hair grow at lightning speed. Expectations, guys.

BUT…if you’re lacking nutritionally in some areas (and who in the world has a perfect nutritional make up?), a good supplement can correct those deficiencies and help you grow your beard.

That’s why we’ve put together what we think is the most potent beard-growth vitamin/supplement around, which you can check out here. We’d honestly rather you read through this article to understand it a bit more, but in case you want to reference it while you read, you can open that link in another tab.

Be patient. Nothing will happen overnight. If you want a good beard, it’s worth the time it will take you to get there.

If you’re eating a perfect diet, have no health issues that keep you from absorbing the necessary nutrients from your food, you don’t smoke, sleep like a baby (who ever coined that term has obviously never been a parent…) and live a stress-free life, well, we’re happy for you.

For the rest of you guys though, we have some tips and information that will help you reach your full, bearded, potential.

What should you look for in a supplement?

It’s not always easy to eat as well as you’d like, we get that, so a vitamin containing a few key nutrients can help you keep your body working its best. Investing in your health is time and money well spent. Taking care of yourself on the inside will have an impact on your whole life. More energy and better sleep can be expected, and you’ll likely see the effects of topped up vitamin levels in your hair, skin and nails too.

A well-groomed man cares about his WHOLE self, not just the outside. Plus, the whole self directly impacts the outside.

In our research into what vitamins, minerals or herbs might benefit beard growth, or fullness, these are the things that stood out.

Beta Carotene

Your body turns beta carotene into vitamin A, as it needs it, inside your body. Beta carotene promotes healthy sebum, which can keep our skin from becoming dry, thereby creating a healthier environment for whisker growth.

Getting enough beta carotene can also play a big part in protecting your vision, particularly against age-related macular degeneration. Not a bad side effect!

Vitamin D

The “sunshine vitamin” is needed for hair growth and can help prevent ingrown hairs. Definitely an asset when you’re growing your beard! Supplementation with Vitamin D is most important for those who live in areas with limited sunlight.

For more benefits of this vitamin check out this article.


Also known as vitamin B7 aids your body in producing amino acids which are the basic elements of protein. Our skin and hair consist mostly of keratin, which is a protein found in hair and nails. Adequate biotin intake can contribute to the health and growth of your whiskers and head hairs and there has been some evidence it can slowdown shedding.

Foods containing biotin often have a protein that makes the biotin hard to digest, so taking a supplement for this vitamin will help to ensure you’re reaping the benefits.

Folic Acid

Also known as folate, this contributes to hair and skin health as it helps keep your tissues and cells healthy. Healthy beards need healthy cells and tissues in order to grow to their full potential and look healthy too.

Though typically related to women’s and baby’s health during pregnancy, this article in the Daily Mail has some pretty convincing evidence that folic acid can lower men’s risk of stroke.

Vitamin B12

Also known as cobalamin, is essential to keep our nerve and blood cells healthy. Read here to see why it is needed for a healthy metabolism and how this can contribute to hair and skin health. We know by now that healthier skin is crucial to healthy facial hair growth.

Along with folic acid, B12 can help keep your stress levels in check.

Vegans and vegetarians are prone to B12 deficiency as its not found in plant food.

Vitamin C

This vitamin is needed by your body to absorb collagen and is also necessary for protein synthesis. Vitamin C can be thought of as the wingman to protein rich foods and foods & supplements that boosts your body’s ability to make collagen.

Most of think of vitamin C as a cold remedy, but there is so much more to this seemingly one-trick pony.

Vitamin E

Helps keep hair follicles healthy, which will, in turn, create a good environment for healthy whisker growth.
There are so many benefits to taking a supplement containing vitamin E and you can read them here.


Have you heard that zinc is thought to be an aphrodisiac? Oysters are high in zinc, you understand. But do you know why?

Zinc has a direct effect on maintaining healthy testosterone levels, which can benefit our quest for our best possible beard. As we age, our T levels drop, so a maintenance dose of zinc can help.

And most vitamins and supplements on the market miss the mark when it comes to boosting testosterone naturally as part of a healthy beard, so it’s important to keep an eye on your levels and get a vitamin or supplement that includes T-boosting properties.

Read here for some good reasons you should be supplementing with this trace mineral.


Hair, skin and nails are high in cysteine, which is a sulfur containing amino acid that supports the strength of your hair and whiskers.

The benefits of supplementing with cysteine are vast, and you can read about many of them here.


This ayurvedic remedy is comprised of over 85 minerals that have shown to have an incredibly positive impact on our minds and bodies, among them, anti-aging properties, increased testosterone levels and an increase in energy and improved memory.

And remember: we’re not doctors, we’re not giving medical advice, and we don’t guarantee any particular results. Always check with your healthcare provider before taking any supplements, as there can be some contraindications involved with some medications.

Here’s How To Get All These Ingredients Together…

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We’re proud to introduce VIRILITAS, our premium beard & hair growth supplement. It promotes longer, stronger, fuller, and healthier beard and hair growth, and it contains each one of the products above.

We first came up with ingredients and had a custom formula manufactured by a cGMP facility in the USA. The list you see above is based on reading through dozens and dozens of different potential ingredients, and narrowing down only what we thought was going to be the best for your beard and hair.

Some ingredients that you see listed on other products that support hair growth have the potential to actually SLOW hair growth when combined with other popular ingredients.

We did not want this, obviously.

So we rejected some popular ingredients and made sure that our ingredients worked with each other, which is why we include things like Vitamin C. Vitamin C, as you read above, is more than just something to take when you’re sick!

Backed by our 100% Gentleman’s Guarantee, we strongly recommend you check out VIRILITAS for yourself. Give it at least a month (1 whole bottle) and see how your beard growth progresses.

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Lifestyle Changes That Will Help Support Beard Growth, Thickness, Fullness, and Health

Taking a supplement is potentially the quickest way to support your body in achieving optimal health and beard growing abilities. However, you can’t just pop a vitamin and not make any lifestyle changes if you want to obtain a better beard, better skin and renewed vitality. Here are a few ways you can increase both your beard-growing abilities and your general enjoyment and length of life.


bearded-man-exercisingStrength training, along with regular cardiovascular exercise, is a proven, natural way to increase your testosterone levels and testosterone has a direct effect on your ability to grow facial hair.

As a caveat, you need to know that I’m NOT advocating dosing yourself with steroids. Steroid use has multiple negative side effects, including liver and kidney failure, heart disease and stroke, severe acne and hair loss. Not great for staying alive or for growing a beard.

Supporting and boosting your NATURAL T levels, as I’m referencing here has been shown to be safe and have positive effects on a man’s well being.

If you’re overweight, you can increase your testosterone by slimming down in a healthy way.

A combination of diet and exercise is a healthy way to lose extra pounds.

Diet and Nutrition

Obviously the food we eat has a profound affect on our health, which, in turn, affects the health of our hair and skin. I truly believe that the adage ‘You are what you eat’ is true. More accurately, ‘you are what you absorb’.

If you’re eating a diet full of fast or conveniences foods, now’s the time to stop. I’m not saying you can’t have a burger hawked by a clown ever again, just that it shouldn’t be an everyday or even once a week thing.

The quality of the proteins and produce we eat can play a role in testosterone production. Grass-fed beef, eggs from chickens who are allowed the run of the yard and other good quality testosterone foods are easy to find at your local natural grocer, butcher, farm market and health food store.


If you’re overweight, you can increase your testosterone by slimming down in a healthy way.

The health of your gut plays an important role in the absorption of the food you eat and vitamins you supplement your diet with. Many foods contain natural pro- and pre-biotics that will improve the health of your digestive system. Think sauerkraut, good quality plain yogurt, kimchi, onions, garlic, and avocado. Here’s a list of more foods to help your gut.


Yes, seriously. Sleep is when our bodies repair and regenerate, so adequate sleep is crucial if you want to do everything you can to increase your beard.

Plus, studies show that sleep deprivation decreases the growth rate of your beard.


Stress can wreak havoc on our health, this is well known. Extreme stress can actually cause you to LOSE your hair and can inhibit new hair growth. This is because when we’re under stress, we eat poorly, our sleep suffers and our bodies can’t absorb nutrients properly. Exercise, rest, a good nutrition plan and a healthy social life can all have a positive affect on our stress levels.

Cleanliness and Grooming

Keeping your face clean is important if you want to have healthy whiskers. If your pores are clogged and your skin flaky, the follicles on your face won’t be healthy enough to grow a healthy beard. Sure your beard will grow, but it won’t be the best it can be.

Once your whiskers start to grow it’s important that you don’t leave them to their own devices…but don’t shave. Shaving in hopes of a better, fuller beard, faster, just won’t work.

Keep your beard clean, but don’t shampoo every day. I know, sounds weird right? Read what we have to say about that, here.

Get yourself a good brush. Brushing will help shape your whiskers and style your beard. If all your hairs are going in the same direction, instead of every which way and scraggly, this will give the illusion of fullness.

Likewise, a beard balm that contains beeswax and shea butter will coat each hair, making it look a little thicker as well as keeping it looking styled and cared for.

After 4 – 6 weeks of letting your facial hair grow, you can do some minor shaping. Using a beard trimmer or shears to clip the faster growing hairs will help keep your beard looking good while the slower whiskers have a chance to keep up while the slower growing hairs have a chance to catch up.

Be sure you have a well stocked Dopp kit, and you’ll have the tools you need to keep your beard trimmed, styled and well groomed.


Speaking of style, find one that works for YOUR facial hair. If you want a big, full beard, but you’re not genetically predisposed to grow one, don’t give up. Just find a style that works with the hair you can grow.

And make sure you’re supplementing with the best beard growth vitamin you can find to make sure you’re getting the most out of your beard.


Yes, your DNA does matter. Genetics are one of the main players that dictate your ability (or lack thereof) to grow a beard. If your father can’t grow whisker worth a damn, don’t fret. Remember, we get 50% of our DNA from our mothers. Look at the men in her family, maybe some of them were (or could have been, if they didn’t shave) great beardsmen.

This being said, ALL of us can only expect to maximize our own potential for beard growth – not grow one beyond what we’re actually physically, and genetically capable of.

Maybe you’re starting at 90% of your potential. Well, you’re not going to see much difference, even if you do everything covered in this article. However, if you’re only at 40 – 50%, by taking a vitamin for optimal nutrient levels, and making some healthy changes in your lifestyle, you can work on growing your beard to it’s maximum capacity.


If you’re not yet out of your teens, or are in your early twenties, I’m going to suggest you be patient. Facial hair growth is regulated by testosterone and it’s possible you won’t reach your full potential for beard growth until you’re in your mid-20s. Your whiskers will take time to reach their maximum fullness, so generally, most guys have better, fuller beards in their late 20s into their 30s and beyond.

(Yes, it can take that long, sorry to tell you.)

T-levels begin to decline as men age, and you might notice that as you’re getting older your beard is getting thinner, or not growing at all in certain areas. That doesn’t mean you have to give up on your facial hair and go clean-shaven! A good beard vitamin with the ingredients listed above may work even better in your situation. Take one, or try out some new styles and work with the changes in your whiskers.

Who knew there were so many variables involved in your desire to grow a fabulous beard?

I’m not one to just let things happen if there’s a possibility I can DO something to help things along. So even though I follow quite healthy lifestyle, I make sure to take a daily supplement to make sure I’m getting all the nutrients I need. Get yours by clicking the photo below.

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