Best Nootropic For Increased Memory, Mental Clarity, And Focus

Looking great, feeling confident, and performing at a high level are necessities to the successful man. That’s why we develop high quality grooming products to ensure you’re maximizing your attractiveness, giving off the best impressions, and giving yourself the highest chance to succeed. But many successful men look for ways they can improve other aspects […]

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Do Beards Actually Keep You Warm?

Many bearded men have an unsettling number of unfounded beliefs about the benefits their beards bring them. Not that the beliefs are all wrong, just that nobody ever seems to look into the things they say before they say them. Things get thrown around anecdotally with no evidence, and eventually if enough people hear it […]

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The Best Wooden Beard & Mustache Comb You Can Buy

When it comes to combs, there are a lot of options. Most people settle for a cheap, plastic, drug store comb, and never think anything else of it. Unfortunately for those people, they’re unknowingly damaging whatever hair they’re combing, thanks to the fact that these combs are injection molded. That doesn’t seem like a big […]

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skin care routine for men

What Is The Best Skin Care Routine For Men (Even If You Have A Beard)?

You invest time, energy and money on cultivating a great beard and maybe you’re already using our beard brush and balm. That’s great! You’re on your way to better beard already. Have you thought about the skin underneath your beard though? Healthier skin will contribute to healthier whiskers. Your great looking beard makes you stand […]

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Holiday and Christmas Gift Guide For The Bearded Man

Buying gifts for the men in our lives can be difficult and frustrating.  If you’re done with the old standbys of cologne, ties or socks and underwear, you’ve come to the right place. Christmas, Hanukkah, Kwanza, Black Friday, Cyber Monday…we’re here for you! Our guide will also come in handy for birthday, anniversary or even […]

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beard grooming kit

How To Put Together The Best Beard Grooming Kit

You obviously care about your beard more than the average man. It says a lot about you. You don’t leave things to chance. You pay attention to the details. You’re a skilled manager of time. But it takes more than just a shower and a trim now and then to get the kind of beard […]

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Growing A Beard Faster And Thicker: Do Beard Vitamins and Supplements Actually Work

Growing A Beard Faster And Thicker: Do Beard Vitamins and Supplements Actually Work?

We’ve all heard those claims, companies touting the benefits of their vitamin or supplement products, saying that they are guaranteed to make your hair and whiskers magically grow long, thick and full. Have you ever wondered if there is any truth in what they say? If they promise to turn every man into a beard […]

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Why Every Man Should Solve Puzzles

Puzzles – crosswords, Sudoku, logic puzzles, disentanglement puzzles, jigsaws, the Rubik’s cube. They require mental agility, problem solving skills, and provide you with a new challenge to get better at. Well guess what? It doesn’t just stop at getting better at puzzles – it translates into mental development, and every sector of your life. While […]

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Do You Need A Beard Brush If You Have A Short Beard?

We were thrilled that our beard brush was ranked as the #1 best beard brush by Tools of Men, and that brought a few questions along with it. One of those questions was whether or not a beard brush was any use to men with shorter beards. As I am currently in the early stages of […]

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best beard brush tools of men

Liberty Beard Brush Ranked #1 By

We’re thrilled with the results of the recent in-depth review of beard brushes on the market, performed by, as they ranked our very own beard brush as the #1 pick, with an overall score of 97/100. See the full results here. Our brush came away as the only boar bristle brush tested that was definitely […]

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