Holiday and Christmas Gift Guide For The Bearded Man

Buying gifts for the men in our lives can be difficult and frustrating.  If you’re done with the old standbys of cologne, ties or socks and underwear, you’ve come to the right place.

Christmas, Hanukkah, Kwanza, Black Friday, Cyber Monday…we’re here for you! Our guide will also come in handy for birthday, anniversary or even ‘just because’ gifts for the bearded man in your life.

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Grooming is our speciality, so we’ll give you our best picks for keeping any beard-wearer’s facial hair in immaculate condition.

Whether the man you’re shopping for is up on the latest styles or prefers a great flannel button-up and a cool pair of denims, we’ve got you covered.  These gift ideas will be a sure hit with any bearded guy.

We’ve also included some other items that will tickle the fancy of any beard owner and help him keep his grooming tools organized and clean.

Beard Kit

So technically this is a combination of many of the individual items on this list, but if you want to make sure your bearded man’s grooming is fully covered, just hop on over to our article on grooming kits here

The right products will help keep your gentleman’s beard soft, in control, and smelling nice too.   A well-groomed beard is a beautiful thing!

Beard Balm

The bare minimum grooming tool shared by all great beards. Our beard balm, Virtu, made from all natural ingredients, with a base of bee’s wax will moisturize, while keeping his facial hair styled and healthy. If you’re looking to just buy one item for his kit, make it our balm. It will set him apart in a world of so-so beards.

liberty virtu beard balm

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Beard Brush

The perfect partner to our balm. Our brush is made of 100% boar bristles in a handle crafted from European Beechwood. As a bonus, it comes with a complimentary cleaning comb to keep it well maintained. We have found boar bristles to be the best for keeping our facial hair healthy and immaculate and think your beardsman will agree.

liberty beard brush

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Beard comb

A good comb glides through a beard smoothly, without pulling or tearing the whiskers, like a cheap drugstore comb will.

Kent make some of our preferred combs. Kent makes their combs out of saw cut plastic and they sand each tooth individually to ensure there are no rough edges that will tear and snag your gentleman’s beard.

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Striking Viking makes a comb made from sandalwood. It has 2 different tooth spacings on it, making it very nice for those with coarser beards, as well as for men whose facial hair is more fine. And it smells nice too!

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Beard Trimmer

This tool will be most beneficial for the man who likes to keep his beard on the shorter side, or fade the facial hair between his sideburns and chin. A trimmer is also a great idea for the gent who likes to keep his options open and change up his whiskers from time to time.

There are a LOT of trimmers out there, but lucky for you, we’ve done the research!

Our pick for #1 beard trimmer, is Philips Norelco Multigroom 3100. This trimmer is budget friendly, and has a good number of length options to choose from. An added bonus? It’s waterproof, so it can be rinsed in the shower. This feature certainly makes clean up simple.

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Another affordable, durable option that we like quite a lot, is the Panasonic ER224S. Like the Philips, this is a waterproof trimmer. This one won’t take up any space on your bathroom counter as it mounts right in the power outlet. If counterspace in the bathroom is limited, this is a great choice for your guy. Hey, more room for you!

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Not every bearded man uses a razor, but if the recipient of your gift likes to keep his neck shaved or wears a style like a goatee a good razor will be an essential tool. 

Choosing a razor can be a very personal thing, but if you know what your fella likes, we have a couple of well researched options for you.

The Merkur is a well-priced, classic razor. Handle lengths vary, so if your bearded man has large hands, the longer handled option will be a good choice.

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OneBlade is the Rolls Royce of safety razors. If you want to splurge on a real luxury piece to add to his kit, we highly recommend this one.

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A good pair of shears will help the discerning beard wearer keep stray hairs in check. This tool is a must if your man is now using an old pair of kitchen scissors (or the safety scissors in his kids’ craft kit)!

Utopia Care makes high quality shears at an affordable price, and are our go-to option. The removable rubber finger inserts make these a good choice for any size hands. The size is good for trimming accurately and with precision.

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Mustache Wax

A great gift for fellows who sport a trademark ‘stache with their beard.

Think Winnfield, Dali or Handlebar. A good wax will help shape and give control to these styles. Even gents who wear a classic style will find a nice wax helpful in keeping their mustache and beard hairs where they’re supposed to be. A preferable alternative to having their whiskers poke them in the lip or stray up their nose.

For lighter hold, Stache Bomb has a masculine pine scent and won’t be too stiff or waxy.

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For a stronger, more superior hold that will withstand even the most humid days, we like Firehouse Wacky Tacky.

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If the bearded man in your life is otherwise hard to buy for, share this list with your whisker wearer’s family and friends.

Or, each birthday, anniversary, Christmas or whatever gift-giving holidays you celebrate, add an item or two to his kit. Soon, he’ll have all the tools and product he needs to ensure he’ll have the best looking beard at work, the gym or hanging out with friends for beers on the weekend.

Toiletry Bag

Now that the beard owner in your life has a good start on the best products to keep him looking dapper and well-groomed all the time, he will probably need somewhere to keep those items. A good toiletry bag, or Dopp kit will hold all his necessities and look great too.

Imagine how stylish he’ll look when he whips out a great shaving bag at the gym. It will also make packing for a trip way more efficient.

TravelMore’s toiletry bag is a great classic bag that is roomy, sturdy and has a built in hanging strap making it easy to keep off the counter if he’s short on counter space.

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For a more luxurious shaving bag, it’s hard to beat genuine leather. The dopp kit made by Supply Kick is made from thoughtfully sourced leather that would otherwise have been discarded. This doesn’t mean the bag, or leather it’s made from is inferior though! It is a well-crafted item and like a fancy new car, or smoking pair of shoes, has that give-away scent of luxury.

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Stocking stuffers and fun gifts

What guy doesn’t like a good T-shirt?  A cool T looks great with jeans, and this one makes a statement.  If he’s got a sense of humour and sports some serious facial hair, he’ll love this Rules of the Beard tee by American T-shirts

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We know that wearing a great beard comes with great responsibility, and this Jonny Cotton UK T-shirt lets everyone else know it too.

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If your guy is a list-maker (or maybe you’d like to help him remember to pick up milk on the way home), a fun note pad in his stocking will be super useful. Buy him an extra to keep on his desk at work and writing messages will be much more enjoyable.

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Did you know that colouring (yes, like in a colouring book!) can help ease stress? Pick up a box of great crayons or coloured pencils and tuck them in with this cool gift. Light the fire, pour a glass of wine, or his favourite craft brew and watch his stressful week melt away.  Sit close, maybe he’ll share, and you’ve got yourselves a cozy date night!

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Bring out any bearded guy’s inner poet with these awesome beard poetry magnets.  Or show him your creative side, and leave him sweet notes on the fridge, telling him how much you love him (and his beard!).  A great conversation starter at parties and get-togethers too.

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For the coffee (or tea!) drinking bearded wearer, this mug will add pleasure to his morning caffeinating routine.  At work, it’ll be the best mug in the breakroom – so much so, he might need to hide it.

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Whether the bearded man in your life is the love of your life, your son, brother, dad or pal, we think our gift guide covers all the bases and will make your holiday shopping a little less stressful and lot more fun.