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How To Put Together The Best Beard Grooming Kit

You obviously care about your beard more than the average man.

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It says a lot about you. You don’t leave things to chance. You pay attention to the details. You’re a skilled manager of time.

But it takes more than just a shower and a trim now and then to get the kind of beard that exemplifies those qualities.

It takes dedication, the right mindset, and the right tools.

Behind every great beard is a great beard grooming kit, and we’ve put together our best recommendations below to give you a top-performing kit.

Beard Trimmer

While I know a good number of you are beyond the point of beard trimmers, there are even more of you who rely on them to keep your beard in check.

You should be looking for quality here. There’s nothing worse than a dull blade pulling your facial hair rather than cutting it. You also don’t wish to be hassled by pieces that easily break.

So who do you turn to in the saturated beard trimming market?

Fortunately, we’ve written an entire article on the subject.

Check it out right now. It’ll open in a new tab, so you can come back to create the rest of your kit once you’ve picked a trimmer.


Again, not for everyone, but if your beard style is such that you need to shave your cheek line or neck line, or perhaps you’ve got a goatee or even a mustache, you’ll need a good razor.

This is going to be all about preference.

Choose from a disposable razor, an electric razor, or a more traditional straight edge or safety razor – just make sure it suits your style, your purpose, and you know how to use it.

You could of course go with the big brands that make billion-blade razor heads, but we believe that if you must add shaving to your routine, you’re better served with something classic like a Merkur Safety Razor, which is a reasonably priced solid piece of kit.

If you’re looking to get the best of the best, we recommend the OneBlade Razor.

There’s more thought and care that goes into using a tool like this, and it’s a piece that has some longevity – something you can get attached.


This is a simple and inexpensive addition to a beard kit, but the importance of this one tool can not be overstated.

If you are using a cheap drug store plastic comb, please stop.

You’re doing damage to your beard every time you use it.

Most plastic combs are injection molded, which means hot liquid plastic is pumped into a mold, set to cool, and then removed.

The problem is that the metal molds are not perfectly smooth. If you looked at the teeth of the finished comb under a microscope, you’d notice that there are barbs and jagged edges.

You may only be able to see them when magnified, but every time you use a typical plastic comb, you’re running those jagged edges through your beard.

We recommend using Kent combs.

Kent’s combs are sawcut, which means they start with a nice, heavy duty piece of plastic, and cut each individual tooth with a saw.

After the teeth are cut, they sand each one of them.

The final product is a comb with perfectly smooth teeth that glide through your beard magnificently.

Unlike the damage inflicted by microscopic barbs and jagged edges of drugstore combs, the smooth Kent combs will help groom and style your beard and make it more, not less, healthy.


Some men like a brush instead of a comb. Some men like a comb instead of a brush.

I’ve personally found that it’s handy to have both – that’s a choice dependent upon your beard style and preferences.

This is a useful tool no matter what length your beard is. If you’re wondering why guys with short beards would want to make an investment in a brush, check out our post and video on the subject here. It helps to untangled hairs, distribute oils (natural body oils and beard oils), and clean your beard in so far as it removes dead skin and hair that would otherwise remain trapped close to the skin.

Brushing once per day will significantly help keep your beard tidy, soft, and looking good.

We’re partial to our 100% boar bristle brush, which is a mid to hard stiffness, and is finished with an attractive black handle with gold embossed logo mark. Check it out more here.

Just make sure not to over-brush. It can feel great and you may want to do it multiple times per day, but just once will do the trick. Otherwise you risk stripping the hairs of much needed oils and causing too much damaging friction to the hairs.

Beard Balm

The bare minimum for a better beard.

Balm is a conditioning agent that gives your beard and the skin underneath helpful and healthful oils and nutrients.

Great for softening, relaxing, conditioning and styling, using a balm is a daily requirement if you expect your beard to be as good as you are throughout the day.

We use only the best natural ingredients money can buy to formulate our US-made balms, and each of those ingredients helps to bring your beard to another level.

If you’ve got a very short beard, you can get away with just a wee bit of balm. Just enough to get a nice oil coating of the new growth and the skin underneath. A short beard is necessarily made up of new growth all the time, and it’s very beneficial for both your facial hair and the skin underneath to be rejuvenated with a balm, so it doesn’t get itchy/irritated.

For longer beards, balm is a great way to get bit of hold and styling, while delivering the amazing conditioning benefits (i.e., softer, shinier, stronger, healthier beard).

If the only thing in your kit is a balm, you’re doing better than most men. It’s fundamental to your beard’s success and health.

Check out our premium Virtu balm here.

Mustache Wax

Mustache wax is not for everyone, but if you’re looking to add a unique feature to your beard with a great handle bar or Dali-style mustache, wax is a must.

Even if your mustache isn’t quite so long or styled, a small bit of mustache wax can keep it held in place all day – or our balm works fine, too, thanks to the beeswax.

There’s nothing like a stray mustache hair winding up tickling your lips and getting in your mouth as you speak, eat, or drink. Not to mention the significant improvement in looks that come from a nicely groomed ‘stache.

Applying mustache wax will ensure this doesn’t happen, and can really solidify your look by providing a clean, obviously-maintained look to your beard. We’ve honestly never found a wax that was the end-all-be-all of mustache waxes, but we liked Stache Bomb (for slightly less hold) and Firehouse (for significant hold).


For the meticulous owner of a longer beard, a good set of shears is a must.

If you’re beyond the point of a beard trimmer, you’ll probably want something to remove stray hairs that threaten to turn your asset into a liability.

Utopia Care makes a high quality set of shears. I use the 5.5 inch option – I think the larger shears would be too big to wield effectively.

Be very careful when using shears, and not just because they’re sharp.

You should have a very clear idea of what you want to achieve before you use them, as it can be devastating to mistakenly trim off too much of your beard.

Take your time. Ensure you’ve your lighting is good. Trim individual hairs if you need to.

Whatever it takes to make sure it’s a nice, even trim, that simply helps your beard keep it’s shape.

If you’re careful, a good set of shears can help tame excess nose hair, too.

Most men stop at cleaning their beard in the shower. Some get as far as a balm or an oil.

To really build a beard that reaches it’s full potential, we highly recommend experimenting with the devices and tools we have outlined above.

You’ve already shown you don’t take chances when it comes to your beard by using Liberty Premium Grooming Co. products.

Now take full control of your beard, look, and style by fashioning a high-performance beard grooming kit.