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Wooden Beard & Hair Comb | Dark, Hard Ebony Wood 

best wooden beard comb
beard brush testimonial
beard brush testimonial
beard brush testimonial

Price: $39.99
Sale: $19.99
You save: $20.00 (50%)

    • A MORE ATTRACTIVE BEARD: Comb your beard with this every day and say goodbye to unkempt tangles that make your beard look weird. Combing will straighten out your beard's appearance and make you look more attractive.
    • GROOMING MULTI-TOOL: One side has teeth in a tighter (but not too tight) formation for fine tuning your beard and head hair and distributing the balm or oil you use. The other side has wide, coarse teeth, for longer beards or sweeping your longer hair back. It's the one tool you need to stay looking sharp.
    • HARDER, MORE DURABLE: Most beard combs are made from sandalwood. Our comb is made from ebony, which is a harder, more durable wood, which means it's less likely to break if you drop it or keep it in your pocket. Plus, the darker wood is more masculine.
    • DON'T RUIN YOUR BEARD WITH ANOTHER COMB: Still using a cheap, plastic drugstore comb? Stop! You're creating static and fraying your beard. Even some of the other wooden combs out there come poorly finished, leading to snags and pulling out of beard hairs. Stop damaging your beard when you're trying to groom!
    • A GENTLEMAN'S AGREEMENT: We know we have an amazing product. For that reason, we offer peace of mind with our remarkable comb. If you're not completely satisfied with your purchase, just let us know, and we'll refund your money. Best of all, this guarantee is for LIFE! You'll also be receiving an electronic copy of our grooming manual: "The Master Grooming Manual For Bearded Men" free with purchase!

Customer Reviews From Our Other Premium Products

beard brush reviews

The Perfect Fix To Your Tangled, Curly Beard

Is your beard letting you down?

If you don’t comb it every day, the answer is probably yes.

Your beard is the first impression you give the world. It’s used by the people around you to determine what kind of man you are. Employers, clients, bosses, friends, romantic interests…they’ll make a decision based on your looks in a fraction of a second – and science tells us that those first impressions are very hard to change.

When you show up without a well-groomed, well-combed beard, you’re setting yourself up for failure.

Your beard should make you more attractive. But when the hairs are pointing everywhere and it looks like you haven’t paid any attention to it, your beard can ruin your look.

When the fix is as easy as combing it with the new premium Liberty Grooming Beard & Hair Comb before you leave the house every morning, there is no excuse to have a bad beard anymore.

Harder, Stronger, Darker, And More Masculine

We get it, you want a wooden beard comb because you know they’re better than plastic when it comes to reduced friction, static, pulling, and better distribution of balms and oils. But until now, you could only choose between about 50 of the exact same combs.

Using the feedback from over 1500 bearded men, we’ve developed a harder, stronger, more durable comb made from dark african blackwood, which not only looks more masculine, but is much harder than Sandalwood. That means it’ll hold up better if you drop it or if you keep it in your pocket throughout the day.

The moderately fine toothed side of the comb helps with detail work and shorter beards and hair, whereas the wide toothed layout on the other side helps with longer beards and hair, and for general shaping when you don’t need the precision.

Backed by our 100% Gentleman’s Guarantee.

If you aren’t satisfied for ANY reason, we’ll make it right.