Man: Revived – About Liberty Premium Grooming Co.

We exist to revive manliness by giving men the skills and tools they need to become self-sufficient and gain control of their own destiny.

One of the biggest problems facing today’s society is the prolonged adolescence of men.

We see men today in their 20s, 30s, and even 40s who have not yet taken responsibility for their own lives, and who are not self-sufficient.

Whether we attribute it to the rise of the welfare state, the rise of feminism and the downfall of the importance of masculine qualities, or the fact that men no longer need, nor possess a multitude of skills to get by in life, the impact is real.

We believe that to gain self-sufficiency and responsibility for ones own life, a man must have a wide variety of skills that will serve him in a many situations.

Our society places an emphasis on specialization at the expense of all else, and we have lost the “Renaissance Man” ideal that allowed multiple specialities or at least the general understanding of a broad range of topics and use of a broad range of skills.

Our goal here at Liberty Premium Grooming Co. is to reverse this prolonged adolescence and give you the skills you need to be a deliberate man of purpose. A man with self sufficiency, and who is in control of his life.

Join Our Fight To Revive Manliness By Reversing The Prolonged Adolescence In Men And Increasing Self-Sufficiency And Responsibility

Not only does this give every man more self worth and confidence, but when you fill a society with men who are in control of their lives, you drive innovation, grow families, and contribute to freedom at home and in the marketplace.

By providing products and education for men that are exceedingly high quality, we aim to fill the void.

Where previously man has been led to believe he should feel guilty for being a man and for wanting to achieve things by himself, Liberty Premium Grooming Co. exists to give you the support, information, and knowledge to be proud of your accomplishments, and be comfortable in any situation.

The Man Who Knows Everything

We are driven by the memory of The Man Who Knows Everything.

Perhaps you, like me, had a father who simply knew everything.

Whether it was home improvement, wealth building, relationships, building gadgets, or teaching sports skills, I was absolutely sure that my father knew everything and I could trust him to figure out any problem.

He was a trained mechanic who owned a car dealership, but built basements for a number of our homes through the years, taught me how to play sports, taught me about computers, gave me useful advice about friends and relationships, showed me how to command respect as a leader at work, and more.

As I reflect on his death, I see that it was not only me that lost a man of action and importance.

I see fewer and fewer men like him in today’s society, which means fewer children have fathers like I had. Which means they grow up with uncertainty, without the knowledge and skills needed to solve their own problems and reach their own potential.

It is this man who we wish to see take his rightful place as leader of society once again.

Join Our Fight To Revive Manliness By Reversing The Prolonged Adolescence In Men And Increasing Self-Sufficiency And Responsibility

About Our Products

When you’re ready to break away from the pack, you’re ready for Liberty Premium Grooming Co.

Virtu Beard Balm by Liberty Premium Grooming Co.Our products are not for the casual beardsman.

We use only the finest ingredients and take no shortcuts to produce the best quality beard products on the market.

You don’t leave anything to chance, and that’s why you use Liberty Premium Grooming Co.

Like you, we’re deliberate about our processes, and deliver a consistent, high-quality experience that means you won’t have to worry about your beard throughout the day. You’ve got important things to do, don’t second guess your beard all day.

Virtu Beard Oil by Liberty Premium Grooming Co.

All of our balms and oils are handcrafted in the USA using only the finest natural ingredients.

Just like you don’t take chances with your beard, we don’t take chances with our products. That means no chemicals, nothing harmful, just good old fashioned Mother Nature.

We’re here to help you and your beard become an unstoppable force, sending the suffocating grasp of chance and the unknown reeling. Our products are tools men rely on to help them achieve great things.

When your beard defines you, what you put in your beard defines you.


Using Liberty Premium Grooming Co. products makes you stand out and get recognized as the man who pays attention to detail and is always prepared.

We take pride in being the best. You can take pride in using the best.

Join Our Fight To Revive Manliness By Reversing The Prolonged Adolescence In Men And Increasing Self-Sufficiency And Responsibility